Volume 3

Development and Validation of a Caring Empathy Assessment Tool for Indonesian Nurses

Wiwin Martiningsih

K-12 Classroom Assessment: Teachers’ Knowledge and Practices in Secondary Mathematics

Kathlene Mae L. Sabado  

Strategies to Improve Childhood Immunization Coverages: An Integrated Literature Review         

Amatus Y. Ismanto;Josephine D. Lorica

Self-A-C-E of Compassion for Others

Febe Marl G. Paat; Maria T. Mamba

Effectiveness of Caring Education in Improving the Caring Behaviors of Nursing Students

Bernarda Teting; Made Ermayani

Financial Management of Agri-Based Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Agribusiness Enterprises in First District Isabela Towards the Development of Strategic Management Framework

Lyka C. Carvajal; Charito Guillermo

Predictive Validity of Reaction Time and Attention Distribution Ability on Children’s Tennis Skills Development

Huang Jian; Emolyn Iringan

ICT Helpdesk Ticketing Management System

Gumarang, Sheena; Palig, Gracelle; Tumbali, Billy Jay